Finca Escudero

A Place of Beauty

Welcome to Finca Escudero. A special place, where time stands still: a space of beauty and calm that envelopes the senses. An environment for observation and contemplation. And enjoyment.

Vista de los viñedos de la Finca Escudero
Zona de Medianías

An Exceptional Landscape

Located in the “Zona de las Medianías” (the Middle Zone), Finca Escudero is situated at an altitude of 560 meters in an exceptional landscape. A magnificent setting with a unique climate of mild temperatures and optimal humidity favored by the trade winds-, together with fertile soils of volcanic origin. These are elements that provide the perfect environment for the cultivation of vines and olive trees.

Casas del caso antigüo de Santa Brígida.
The Village of Wine and Flowers

Santa Brígida

Finca Escudero is located in the heart of the municipality of Santa Brígida, strategically situated on the way to the centre of the island.

Santa Brígida, known as the village of wine and flowers, offers such appealing places as the volcanic complex of the “Pico and the Caldera de Bandama” (the Bandama Peak and Caldera), the historic center of Santa Brígida, Los Siete Lagares (the Seven Wineries), the pottery centre of La Atalaya, the Casa del Vino or the excellent gastronomy offered by the restaurants in the area.

The Winery

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The Estate

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The Olive Grove

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