Finca Escudero is easily accessible

You can access by public transport.

The Global company has buses (“guaguas” in the local vernacular).Bus line 301 and bus line 303 in particular, leaves you very close to our door. You can check bus timetables, bus stops and interchanges here .

Accessing Finca Escudero by car is very simple. From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it takes just 20 minutes. You only have drive in the direction of the center of the island, to the Villa de Santa Brígida, on the GC-15 road.

Just as you exit  the Villa itself there is a petrol station, where you must veer to the left, towards the GC-132 road. You will find the entrance to La Finca conveniently marked, at a distance of 150 meters, on your left.