The Olive Grove

Olive Oil

Excellent Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Finca also has space for an olive grove. Gran Canaria is the only island in the Canary Islands on which this crop has been maintained since ancient times. In this way, Finca Escudero intends to pay tribute to this crop in the western plot, where almost a hundred trees are grown.

Finca Escudero

Un espacio de belleza

Bienvenidos a Finca Escudero. Un lugar especial, donde el tiempo se detiene y la belleza ocupa todo el espacio, envolviendo los sentidos. Un entorno de observación y contemplación. Y disfrute.

El Olive Grove

Arbequina and Picual Varieties

Thanks to a careful and pampered process, the result is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality, produced from the Arbequina and Picual varieties. In a nearby area there are also plans for the extension of the olive grove.

The Winery

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The Estate

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The Olive  Grove

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